Verna Peters Retires June 24, 1992

From September 1957 to June 1992 Verna dedicated 35 years to teaching the children of Tudor and Cashel Township.

Verna spent 10 years in Millbridge and 25 years in Gilmour. She had a great love for teaching and continued to show that love to the many children she guided through the education system.  Verna remembers her first year in 1957 and the pay she received being $800, for the entire year.  John Murphy was her first Principal in 1957.  Verna taught in the town hall and John taught in the school located directly across the road.

At her retirement Verna was presented with a book of pictures and mementos which included the names of all of the children she had taught over her 35 years.


  1. Verna and John Murphy (1958)
  2. Verna & Ron Denyes at her retirement
  3. Verna, her brother Lawrence, her granddaughter Lacey, and John Murphy


(All information compiled from scrapbook given to Verna at her retirement open house.)