McMurray General Store Gilmour

The General Store was originally built by Norman Green.  It changed hands in 1905 when W.A. McMurray took over the running of the store.  From 1946, Verse A. McMurray owned and operated the store until new owners J.H. Scott  from Waterdon took the reins.  The name remained W.A. McMurray General Store until it closed.

From 1905 to 1910, the North American Telegraph Company operated its district telephone exchange in W. A. McMurray’s store.  That exchange became part of the Bell system and the first Gilmour directory was published in 1911.

McMurray’s general store was stocked with many different products.  He bought and sold logs, handled furs, sold cars, was the Justice of the Peace and even issued burial certificates.  He also served as a land surveyor.

For a short time W.A. McMurray served as the Reeve of the township.

(Photo from Historic Hastings by Gerald E. Boyce – W.A. McMurray is the gentleman at the far right)

(Information from an article in the Bancroft Times and Historic Hastings by Gerald E. Boyce)