List of Cemetaries in Tudor and Cashel Township

Cashel Township

  1. Mephisto  Cemetary : located on Part Lot 27 Concession 9
  2. Gunter Lake Cemetary:  located on Lot 24 Concession 4
  3. Henchcliff Cemetary – Gunter:  located on Part Lot 27 Concession 3
  4. Sleeper Cemetary – McRae:  located on Part Lot 1 Concession 9

Tudor Township

  1. Millbridge Cemetary:  located on Part Lot 22 Concession A
  2. Glanmire Cemetary:  Lot 29  (Interment ongoing)
  3. Stoney Settlement Cemetary:  Lot 20
  4. Gilmour Cemetary:  Lot 11 Concession 17  (Interment ongoing)
  5. Pineview Ridge Cemetary:

Please note that the only cemetary that has been visited and had information researched and photographed is the Pineview Ridge Cemetary.  Mary Whittaker is solely responsible for sharing the photos and information she gathered for our website.

When weather permits more walking through all of the cemetaries and documenting and photographing will occur.

If you have any information, photos or documents to share please feel free to contract the Municipal Office.