Gilmour Public School Official Opening June 7, 1951

Althought the school opened in September of 1950 the official opening did not take place until June of 1951.

Mrs. Gladys Thompson was the first teacher.  She taught for 18 years.  Originally the school consisted of two classrooms with approximately 60 students in attendance.  The students were from Gunter, The Ridge, and Weslemkoon, and Gilmour.  The others schools were closed.   The two classrooms housed Grades 1 to 4 in one room and grades 5 to 8 in the other.  There was a large entrance hall with two washrooms and an office supply room.  The building was heated with a coal furnace located in the basement.

The first Grade eight to graduate in 1950-51 was Ellen McStravick.

The first Board members were:  Ross Sprackett, Walter Trumble and Charles Donaldson.  Roy Armstrong was the Secretary-Treasurer.

In the summer of 1964 an addition was added to the existing classrooms.  The third classroom, a larger office and supply room were built to accommodate the movement of the students (grades 5 to 8) from the Millbridge School to Gilmour School.

Eldon Gray was Principal, Luella Barker and Jean Boyde were the teachers.

In 1967 all students from Millbridge were brought to Gilmour and grades 7 and 8 on to Limerick.

In December of 1969 the students from Millbridge transferred to Madoc Township, Madoc Public and Madoc High School (Centre Hastings Secondary School).

Teachers from 1950 were:

  1. Mrs. Gladys Thompson
  2. Miss Lois Way
  3. Mrs. Luella Barker
  4. Mr. Larry Evans
  5. Mr. Hugh Williams
  6. Mrs. Carol Carr
  7. Mrs. Verna Peters
  8. Mrs. Sandra Szirties
  9. Mrs. Bev Davis
  10. Mr. Bill McKelligan
  11. Mr. Tom Emmons
  12. Miss Gertie Gunter
  13. Mrs. Jean Boyde
  14. Mr. Eldon Gray
  15. Mrs. Norma Poulain
  16. Mrs. Betty Jenkins
  17. Mrs. Vera Rhode
  18. Miss Elaine Tokley

French Teachers:

  1. Mrs. Mary Mitchell
  2. Mr. Scott Cushing
  3. Mrs. Ruth Lippett


  1. Mrs. Pat Donaldson
  2. Mrs. Jean Covert
  3. Miss Irene Carrol
  4. Mrs. Eleanor Burkitt
  5. Mrs. Marie Whittaker


  1. Keith McMurray
  2. Goldie Phillips
  3. Stead Covert


Photos from Scrapbook in Baverstock Public Library:

  1. Official Opening (from Left to Right)  Colonel Watson, Mr. D.W. Simpson, (Inspector), James Sprackett (Reeve) Mr. McCrory (Builder), Mr. Roscoe Robson M.L.A.
  2. Mrs. Luella Barker and Mrs. Gladys Thompson