Gilmour Public School Closes 1996

At the January 30th, 1996 meeting of the Hastings County Board of Education, a motion was passed ” That a School Study Committee be established to study the advantages and disadvantages of closing or not closing Gilmour Public School.”

Early in February a meeting was held to elect a Study Committee.  The Committee consisted of 4 parents (Barb Sanderson, Chris Saylor, Jennifer McMurray and Mike Tadman),  4 non-parents (Doug Robbins, Doug Burkitt, Andrew McMurray and Sheila Baverstock).  The Board appointed two trustees, Barb Anderson and Thelma Goodfellow.   Superintendent, Bill Coombs and Principal, Scott McArthur acted as resource person.

The Committee recommended that Gilmour Public School be kept OPEN!  The Board did not agree.  At a public Board meeting on April 22nd the Board voted, 10 to 6 to CLOSE the school.

A new committee was formed.  The Committee for the Preservation of Gilmour Public School consisted of Chris Saylor, Barb Sanderson, John Glenn and Mike Tadman.

On May 7th,  at the Education Week Breakfast at North Hastings High School, parents and students protested the closure of the school.

Despite all efforts, Gilmour Public School closed June 30th, 1996.

(Information and photo from the Yearbook 1950 – 1996)