Disclaimer and Thank You’s


While reading and compiling information from several sources to put together the History of Tudor and Cashel Township I found a great number of contradictions with the information provided. Please know that I did my best to get the timelines as close as possible, if there was a great gap in the dates I chose to use approximations with the earliest and the latest timelines for the sake of clarification.

Other information was compiled from all sources listed in the Bibliography and from many discussions with some the folks who actually remember earlier times.  Once again there are contradictions…The stories and memories of those folks I spoke to personally are as close to their recollections as I could get.

If you have more information

If you have information, pictures, stories, tall tales or anything that you would like to provide for our history please contact the Municipal office. 

Thank You’s

Many thank you’s to those who participated in our lunch and learn sessions, those who compiled information for me, and provided us with stories, pictures,documents and their insight.

To Nancy Carrol for her constant assistance all the time with both the topics and guest speakers for our lunch and learn sessions and most especially her technical support.

To Marie Whittaker many thank you’s  for pictures, information and her efforts to keep the history of the Pine View Ridge and this township alive. 

To the Lavender family for providing their family history, photos and stories.   It is a great tribute to your family and this township.

We would like to most especially thank Kathy Houlding for her work building our website. It is so much appreciated.