David Leroy McMurray Family

Photos courtesy of Amos McMurray

  1. Ila May (Gunter) & David Leroy McMurray
  2. Children of Ila & David

Back Row:  Don, Marie, Myrtle (Marty), Dave, Richard & Bill

Middle Row:  Ruth, Amos, Andy, Betty, Carol

Front Row:  Gladys, Keitha, Paul, Sheila, (Doug is absent), Joan

David Leroy McMurray is brother of W. A. (Arthur) McMurray who owned the store in Gilmour.  As Amos recalls they moved to Gilmour from Weslemkoon when he was four years old.  Uncle Arthur collected and drove them in his car to Gilmour to the new 16/24 house which was located directly across the road from where Andrew lived on Weslemkoon Lake Road.

Amos recalls school with Mrs. Thompson, a good and religious woman who gave them religious instruction after dinner.

Amos also recalls a “deer story” from his childhood.  He remembers his father being very sick and his Mom praying upstairs.  Dave and Myrtle recall seeing an angel sitting in the window.  David had the vision of a deer when he awoke from the sickness.  He told his boys they needed to get the gun and David took them to the exact spot where the deer was.  He missed with his first shot but not with the second.  They, (the boys) carried the deer home.