David Hamel – The Granite Man of Gilmour

David Hamel’s book “The Granite Man and the butterfly” was written about his experiences before and after he started building his space ship.  It described the basic technology he used to build the craft.  He claimed that the technology was given to him by aliens who took him into their space ship and flew him across Canada to show him Beaver Creek and the settlement of Gilmour.  He said, the aliens imprinted his memory with the details of the technology they used to power their craft.  He had detailed plans and total recall of every detail.

The new science of producing power became known as the Hamel Technology and people around the world tried to replicate his machines or apply his technology to other machines.

Hamel built and tested rudimentary power generators.  He also built the eight foot diameter disc, the first stage of his craft.  By the age of 81 Hamel had released a detailed account of his story call “The Word Made Manifest through Sacred Geometry. (both books are available at the Baverstock Library in Gilmour)

David Hamel was a proud veteran of the Second World War and the Korean War.  He was a long time member of the Canadian Legion.  He was memorialized at the ceremony of the War Memorial located at the Gilmour Cemetary in November of 1990.

David died at his home in Gilmour at the age of 83.”

(Information from Bancroft Times: Article entitled “Granite Man of Gilmour Dies”)