Bicentennial Celebrations in Gilmour 1984

A celebration took place at the Community Centre in Gilmour to commemorate Canada’s 200th birthday.

The Committee gathered information with regard to our history and posted large displays with pictures and handwritten information describing each of the pictures.  Several artifacts were also collected and displayed.

Dignitaries and former residents were present to celebrate with the residents from our township.

A beautiful handmade quilt was also displayed.

(Pictures provided by Marie Whittaker)

  1. The Bicentennial Committee –  back row:  Brenda Cooney, Marilyn Steele, Mary Dawn Gunter, Ross Sprackett (Reeve), Marie Whittaker, Rosalee Trumble and sitting Mary Sprackett
  2. Artifacts
  3. Quilt
  4. Displays

Each committee member received a “Certificate of Appreciation” for their assistance in helping celebrate Canada’s Bicentennial.