2017- 2018 We’re Walking Down Memory Lane – Seniors Community Program

In early 2017 a Seniors Community Grant application was filed by the Township of Tudor and Cashel to establish lunch and learn sessions for seniors with various topics pertaining to elder abuse, legal issues, exercise and diet to name just a few.

We received funding for the project in the summer of 2017.  We kicked off our project at the first lunch and learn session held on August 16th.  Monthly lunch and learn sessions occurred until the end of February.

Throughout the fall and winter months information, stories, pictures and anything pertaining to the History of Tudor and Cashel Township was gathered from newspaper articles, books, on-line sources, and from our residents to put together this website for all to view and add too if they have more to contribute.


  1. December Lunch and Learn Session delivered by Brianna Robinson from Community Advocacy and Legal Centre with regard to wills, power of attorney’s and any legal issues that seniors had.
  2. CALC presentation
  3. Photos from other presentations