1871 – 1985 St. Oswald’s Anglican Church Millbridge

St. Oswald Anglican Church was erected in Millbridge on lands owned by Captain Ralph Norman. Captain Norman also provided land for the burial grounds.

Charles Fox was contracted to erect the church. Monies were gathered to build the church at a tea meeting in February of 1871. The amount gathered was one hundred dollars. Work commenced on the site in May of 1871.

In 1894 Captain Norman had a tower erected on the church in memory of his wife who had served in the Crimean Wars under Florence Nightingale.

In 1920 a Memorial service was held to dedicate the Communion vessels. The Sterling Silver chalice was engraved at the base with the following: “To the Glory of God and in memory of Richard A. Clarke, George Donaldson, Charles Donaldson, William Roberts – who fell in the Great War.”

The church closed in 1985.