1859 Millbridge School

The first school in Tudor Township was erected in 1859 in MillBridge. It was destroyed by a forest fire.

The second school house was built in 1861 and was also destroyed by fire.  Classes were moved to the town hall until the third building was made ready in 1907.

In 1957, due to the number of attendees expansion was necessary.  A second classroom was established in the Town Hall across the Old Hastings Road from the school.  Verna Peters taught grades 1 to 4 in the new location until 1964 when those grades were moved to Gilmour Public School.

Eldon Gray taught grades 5 to 8.  In September of 1964, Mr. Gray and his grades 5 to 8 students moved to Gilmour (grades 5 and 6), and to Limerick Senior School (grades 7 and 8).