1859 – First Sawmill in Gilmour

The building of the Central Ontario Railway from Trenton to Coe Hill made Gilmour the chief northern community in the Township of Tudor got its name from the Gilmour Lumber Company of Trenton.  

George Sprackett was brought to Canada in 1871 to the Marchmont Home in Belleville and sent to live with Thomas Ricketts at his farm on Concession 15, lot 7 on Pine View Ridge.   George worked for the Ricketts until about 1884 then got 100 acres in the area with a house.  George had a  shingle mill at Sprackett’s corners prior to his move to the town of Gilmour. 

He moved to Gilmour to build and run a sawmill there. He ran his mill for many years after the departure of the lumber companies, the mill provided employment for the village and kept it alive during these times.

George was married September 1, 1886 to Hannah Maria Pound.  They raised their family on Pine View Ridge.

George’s son James ran the mill for years with his sons Ross and Don.

Gilmour’s early settlers included Dafoe’s, Lidster”s and Thomas Ricketts.  Rickett’s owned the hotel for many years.

(information from “Historic Hastings by Gerald Boyce)